Friday, October 22, 2010

Celery will kill you

Worried Dad's daughter, Cinderella, has long contended that she is allergic to vegetables. Turns out she might be right.

Back in March, the Environmental Working Group declared that conventionally grown (i.e. NOT organic) celery topped their supermarket "dirty dozen." This means that with every bite of those crunchy green stalks, you are walking a chemical-laden path to a cancerous pesticide induced death.

Now, killer celery has claimed multiple victims in Texas: the count so far is 4 dead and two more sick. But the numbers are sure to rise. The culprit this time is listeriosis, a nasty little bacterium.

Okay kid, you can have a side of chocolate tonight.


Cocotte said...

I did not know that listeriosis is now hitting celery. Fortunately, since there's no nutritional value in that vegie, it's not something that we ever eat.

Another danger? Celery can do serious damage to a garbage disposal.

Anonymous said...

I feel so much more aware of this cancerous celery Ill make sure I never fall a victim to these crunchy green stalks