Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's all downhill from here

I was born 39 years ago today. My own beloved Dad was 39 that day.

The above photo was unearthed by one of the middle school classmates that seem to make up about 70% of my Facebook friends today.

And now for today's public service announcement on aging...

According to a couple of people in white coats at the University of Virginia, your brain starts to deteriorate at the age of 27. In a series of cognitive tests on 2,000 healthy people aged 18-60, researchers found that people aged 22 scored the highest, and saw a significant downward spiral into blubbering idiocy starting at age 27. People started doing noticeably more poorly on memory tests starting at age 37.

Did I mention that today is my birthday? Note to self: write about this on the blog.


Cocotte said...

Happy Birthday! Yes! It is all downhill from where you standing! I'm 46 and have trouble remembering the neighbors' names.

Gotta love those FB junior high friends though! Great pic.

cbury said...

What's wrong with going down hill? In Bike Group we used to refer to that as 'coasting'

Happy Birthday Daniel, and stop worrying so much.


Cocotte said...

Wondering if you've seen the story about bacteria infested shower heads? We can now fear our morning shower.