Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pistachios = Death

Seems like pistachios are the source of a new salmonella outbreak. From the wires:

The company at the center of a nationwide pistachio recall says the salmonella contamination could have come from raw nuts during processing but not a human or animal source in its plant.

Lee Cohen, the production manager for Setton International Foods Inc., said Tuesday the company suspects roasted pistachios sold to Kraft Foods may have become mixed at Setton's plant with raw nuts that could have contained traces of the bacteria.

The pistachios were processed at central California-based Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc., which is in the corporate family of Setton International Foods Inc.

Meanwhile, Kraft expanded its recall to include any Planters and Back to Nature products that contain pistachios.

Health officials have warned people not to eat any products containing pistachios while they investigate.

Even when they get this thing under control, several issues remain for the FDA to address:

  • It's kind of creepy eating green nuts

  • I can't eat them when my fingernails are either too long or too short

  • They're a lot of trouble for not much food

  • I find using a nutcracker on a walnut to be a much more satisfying experience than prying open a pistachio with my fingernails


Cocotte said...

Many years ago, I ate way too many pistachios at one sitting and got really sick to my stomach. Fortunately for me, I've never touched them since.

Anonymous said...

that's a really sinister pic of the pistachio you've posted. uhm, were they always so scary or is that the salmonella variety?

Anonymous said...

Also, did you purposefully or ironically choose pistachio hawkers as your advertisers for this site?

Worried Dad said...

"were they always so scary or is that the salmonella variety?"

-That's the problem. You never know for sure...

-Google picks the ads. The irony comes at no extra charge.

Amber said...

Well a year later, like Cocotte, I have a terrible stomach ache after eating a pile of pistachios. Since all of the Salmonella stories seem to have dissipated now, I don't know if that possibility is still out there. Perhaps there is just something about pistachios that people are sensitive to? Bleck...on to web MD.

Anonymous said...

A "pile" of pistachios is a lot of fiber, too. Ergo, the stomach ache...?